Alternate Cursed Ascension logo

Fri 20th Mar 2020 - 4:35pm : General

Cursed Ascension takes a huge leap into the new year with a new logo.

-What are our plans?

We want to start dropping fresh new merch as much as possible. With this new logo we have endless designs we can work with. Not only with this logo be used on new apparel but we will use it as our new branding. The "CA" logo has a cleaner look and more professional. As we slowly transition to the new logo, you may still see mascot designs in some announcements or ADs. We are working everyday to make new ADs and implement the new logo.


-Will the mascot go?

NO! The mascot will remain on our esports side. Our CSGO team will continue to represent us with the mascot logo that we all know and love.


-How often will new apparel come out?

We arent sure how often we will drop apparel yet, but make sure to buy quickly as we have limited stock!


-Where can I find this new merch?


-Will you still have your ARMA pro store?



Answering your questions and talking about the furute of Cursed! Watch now:

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Bryan DiStanislao