The past of Cursed has been bright, but the future will be even brighter.

Mon 11th Jun 2018 - 10:54pm Gaming

The past of Cursed has been bright.


But the future will be even brighter.


Upon writing this, we have unfortunately got rid of our sniping and trickshotting roster. It has been a great experience working with all of our players, but we believed that our focus lies elsewhere. We wish them the best. The thing is, our funding and attention has shifted to much more exciting and realistic goals that we have had for a very long time. We have moved towards eSports and our entertainment divisions, and will be running full throttle with them. We have also made a few adjustments to our leading staff. Our previous head of content, Prophecy, has been thrown up the administrative ladder along with Jumpii to Overall leader, myself, DiverSify, have been promoted to lead manager. Majora has been promoted to lead designer, and Davnted has been put in the lead director spot alongside Diskk. We congratulate them and know that they will not let us down. Every single member of the administration, management, and Entertainment division have been working towards upping our production value as much as possible. We are moving forwards as a team, as well as individually. We are working as one, and will succeed as one. We hope you join us on our journey towards success.


And in the meantime, we have been working on some projects we know for a FACT that will make you want to pursue #OurCurse.


Article written by: Cursed DiverSify



Bryan DiStanislao