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Sun 10th Jun 2018 - 6:17pm Gaming

Today we look at the team founded by Triloh in December of 2016 and what they have been up too. When Cursed Ascension was founded it was solely a Call of Duty montage team but since then they have proved that they can do a lot more than that. As of today, Cursed is a multi-media brand organization that is focusing just not on casual gaming but esports as well.

When they dropped their promotional video on May 17th, 2017 that is when they decided to launch again and in doing that they gained a lot of attention. The team’s Twitter and YouTube started to grow faster as ever but shortly after towards the end of May, the original owner, Prophecy left. Leaving the current owners Foreal and Triloh in charge of the organization and they have been doing a great job with the ownership position.

As for the coming future for Cursed, they plan on to keep growing into the esports scene. Esports is such a rapidly growing industry so the time to get into it is now and they have been working so hard on getting their teams ready and to be better than ever. They also plan on picking up some of the best content creators around to make their content roster stronger than ever. The plan with more content creators is to accomplish having a wider variety of content on the YouTube channel but they do want to keep their Call of Duty uploads as well.

As for the organization’s achievements they have competed in MLG Atlanta 2018 along with finishing 3rd overall in this seasons StepOneH1 private scrims.

Cursed Ascension is currently sponsored by Kontrol Freek, JerkyXP, Aporia Customs, Rogue Energy.

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Bryan DiStanislao